About the network

The “Network of Cities with Lakes” is a non-profit organization, founded in 2012 and based in the Municipality of Dorida, where the largest reservoir of drinking water is located, the reservoir of Mornos.

The basic objectives of the Network are:

  • The protection of lakes belonging to the administrative boundaries of the participating municipalities, by protecting the biodiversity and preserving the ecosystems and the water systems of these areas.

  • The joint action of its members in order to develop and promote cultural, educational, social and economic relations at National, European and International level.

  • The promotion of tourism and the sustainable development of the regions, with respect for the natural environment.

  • The participation in EU-funded development programs, as well as in programs launched by other national and international organizations.

  • The joint action and cooperation with scientific institutions and educational centers, as well as with EU statutory bodies and recognized international organizations and the conduction of research in order to exploit new forms of development, which are fully compatible with the natural and cultural environment of its members.

  • The exchange of ideas, knowledge, information and experiences among the members of the Network and other organizations with similar objectives and the organization of joint promotional, advertising, environmental and cultural activities.

  • The access to information, through the use of databases and new technologies.

The Network encounters to date the following 39 members from Greece, Cyprus and Albania.

Municipalities –members:

  1. Municipality of Aigialeia

  2. Municipality of Agrafa

  3. Municipality of Agrinio

  4. Municipality of Aktio – Vonitsa

  5. Municipality of Amfilochia

  6. Municipality of Andravida – Killini

  7. Municipality of Argithea

  8. Municipality of Dodoni

  9. Municipality of Domokos

  10. Municipality of Dorida

  11. Municipality of Edessa

  12. Municipality of Hersonissos

  13. Municipality of Ioannina

  14. Municipality of Ilida

  15. Municipality of Kalavryta

  16. Municipality of Karditsa

  17. Municipality of Karpenisi

  18. Municipality of Lamia

  19. Municipality of Larnaka

  20. Municipality of Marathonas

  21. Municipality of Nafpaktos

  22. Municipality of Nikolaos Skoufas

  23. Municipality of Orchomenos

  24. Municipality of Paranesti

  25. Municipality of Plastiras Lake

  26. Municipality of Servia – Velventos

  27. Municipality of Sofades

  28. Municipality of Thermo

  29. Municipality of Thiva 

  30. Municipality of Veria

  31. Municipality of Voroklini

  32. Municipality of Volvi

  33. Municipality of Ziros

Associate members:

  1. Central Greece Region

  2. Community of Alassa – Limassol District

  3. European Centre for Environmental Research and Trainning (EKePEK)

  4. Municipality of Pogradec – Albania

  5. Municipality of Pustec – Albania

  6. Municipality of Razlog – Bulgaria

  7. City of Lebedyn – Ukraine

The Network pursues its continuous expansion with new members, as well as its geographical expansion at national and international level. Towards that direction, the Network aims to become a European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC), in order to strengthen the European profile and gain greater knowledge and access to EU programs. This is a new organizational form of Municipalities and Regions at European level, for the management of territorial cooperation projects, supported by the Committee of the Regions.